Our services are designed to help you unlock your full potential and unleash your power onto the world. 

Soul Blueprint 

Be empowered by your soul’s wisdom to better navigate the mundane world in a state of flow rather than hustle.


What will you discover through your Soul Blueprint

  • Uncover your full potential, understand your life’s purpose and how to live your best life

  • Find out the challenges and karma you’ll face in this lifetime & how to navigate them with grace and ease

  • Discover how to leverage your strengths and transform your weakness into your superpower

  • Reveal the most auspicious paths to pursue in career

  • Find out who are your ideal mates to join you in romance, business and friendships


Soul Deconditioning

Unblock the limiting beliefs holding you back from embodying your Best Self and living your truest self-expression.


After each session, you will…

  • Let go of the subconscious limiting beliefs of not feeling worthy of receiving what you’ve been calling in— whether that is money, clients, that job, that partner, etc

  • Understand your childhood programming to then release the imprinted conditioning, and finally embrace your true essence 

  • Release the shame, guilt, resentment, hate, pain and any negative feelings attached to certain people and situations in your life that you’ve been storing in your body

  • Clear through memories and feelings attached to people, past relationships and life traumas that no longer serve you 

  • Create space in your body to become who you were always meant to be and attract new opportunities and people into your life that are aligned with your purpose
Soul Deconditioning
astro coaching

Astro Coaching

A 1-1 consulting session focused on implementing your talents in a strategic manner according to your Soul Blueprint.

This is what you’ll get from the session:

  • A step-by-step guide to execute your business idea or improve your current business plan or marketing strategy

  • A clear path with specific tasks & KPIs to follow in order to pivot your business

  • Learn how to attract the right clients and opportunities for your business and career

  • Feel confident in charging the right price for your work

  • Live from a place of abundance rather than lack, and experience financial prosperity in your life

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