Soul Deconditioning

Soul Deconditioning

You discovered in your Soul Blueprint your talents and weaknesses, your challenges and karmic bonds, you realized all the potential you have to achieve in this lifetime— but you’re not sure how to take the leap between where you are now and where you want to be.

As you dive deep into yourself and bring to the surface the subconscious beliefs that were blocking you from living your life according to your best self, you’ll come across challenges and karmic situations asking to be transcended and healed in this lifetime. 

The path of enlightenment and self-development doesn’t have to be painful or slow. Through the New Age techniques, such as Thetahealing®, breathwork, EFT, chakras healing, and much more— you’ll experience a quantum leap after each Soul Deconditioning Session and immediately see the results and changes happening in your life in the same week.  

It doesn’t take much to live a life aligned with your Soul Blueprint and according to your full potential.

I had a healing session with Alice and I have to say that in all of the unblocking/personal development things I have done in my life (and I have done many!), this session has been one of the most profound experiences that I ever had! Not only that, but she is also a very gifted and intuitive healer and she is amazing at what she does. Thank you Alice!


Unblock the limiting beliefs holding you back from embodying your Best Self and living your truest self-expression.

After each Soul Deconditioning Session, you will…


Let go of the subconscious limiting beliefs of not feeling worthy of receiving what you’ve been calling in— whether that is money, clients, that job, that partner, etc


Understand your childhood programming to then release the imprinted conditioning, and finally embrace your true essence 


Release the shame, guilt, resentment, hate, pain and any negative feelings attached to certain people and situations in your life that you’ve been storing in your body


Clear through memories and feelings attached to people, past relationships and life traumas that no longer serve you 



Create space in your body to become who you were always meant to be and attract new opportunities and people into your life that are aligned with your purpose

After an hour long session with Alice, I was sure that the Universe had put her in my path for a reason. Our session was honest, intuitive and magical, and I could truly FEEL the lightness in my body and being from the release of resentments and blockages. I felt comfortable the entire time, as if I had known her before. As if she could truly SEE me. Thank you, Alice… you’re a blessing and you have a gift <3 


What does it mean to live in alignment with your essence?

It means making daring life choices and never looking back— for your confidence in your inner knowing empower you to make decisions that you know in your core are meant for you. This is what the Soul Deconditioning allows you to experience.

Living your life in accordance with your Soul Blueprint is an opportunity to live a life of flow… a life in which you always feel like you’re in the right place in the right time, when an abundance of opportunities simply come to you, when you reach your goals with ease and grace because they’re connected with your soul’s purpose.

What is keeping you from deconditioning your soul and embodying your Best Version? 

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Alice, I have so much to thank you! After that session, my life changed significantly… Yesterday, funnily enough, I found out I was going to change positions at the company I work at a role of therapist! I’m also getting clients non stop at my clinic, so thank you so much for your help! 


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